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Hello Mums and Dads, Carers and Grandparents 
Hello Boys and Girls 
Following the very well attended cheese and wine evening for the Yr 4 parents, here are the dates agreed by parents for the Sacramental Catechesis at 11.45 - 12.45 each meeting, following the 10.30 Holy Mass. We will agree further dates for next year in the December session. 
8th October 11.45 - 12.45 in the church. 22nd October in the parish centre. 
19th November in the parish centre, 3rd December in the parish centre. 
14th January 2018 in the parish centre 
First Confessions are in school, 5th December at 18.00. 
See you then. Thank you. 
Please remember to go to Sunday Mass and give thanks to The Lord for all your blessings.  
Kinga Grzeczynska  
Lead Catechist. 
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